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Tau Ming worked in the office of Mayor Chiang, the unofficial "Mayor" of the Chinatown section of Dick Tracy's city. He had dark hair and wore it parted in the center.

Aiding Dick Tracy[]

When Dick Tracy was investigating Stud Bronzen's involvement in a human trafficking ring, he approached Mayor Chiang for help. Unbeknownst to Tracy (and Tau Ming), Mayor Chiang had been abducted and replaced by May Lin, an impostor who resembled the Mayor.

May Lin, pretending to be Mayor Chiang while secretly aiding the human traffickers, claimed to have no knowlede of Bronzen's activities. As a show of good faith, he offered Tracy the help of Tau Ming.

Both Tracy and May Lin were surprised when Tau Ming revealed that he had been approached by Bronzen some time previously. Bronzen had attempted to recruit Tau Ming as an ally and use his position the Mayor's office to the smugglers' advantage. Tau Ming had refused, but he offered to help Tracy by contacting Bronzen again.

Tau Ming went to the bulding where he believed Bronzen could be found and inquired about him. Bronzen's associates rebuked Tau Ming and threw him from a third floor window in the river. Ming was unharmed and become more resolved to help Tracy.

By this time, Bronzen was operating a new, faster boat which the Coast Guard was unable to track down. Tau Ming volunteered to disguise himself as a fisherman in a rowboat and attempted to monitor the new ship's movements. He was detected by Bronzen and was killed by one of Bronzen's associates. His body was found shortly thereafter by Dick Tracy and Pat Patton.


  • Tau Ming was apparently first approached by Stud Bronzen before Mayor Chiang was abducted and replaced. Otherwise, there would be little value in recruiting an additional lower-level office worker like Tau Ming into the smuggling organization, unless Bronzen himself was unaware that Mayor Chiang had been replaced. The timeline of events is ambiguous.