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Tanya was a professional model. She had blonde hair and an aggressive personality.

Tanya had been a successful model for Da Mill Productions, but she became dependent on drugs and alcohol, causing Da Mill to terminate her contract. Tanya became enraged at the success of her replacement Perfume Plenty. She assaulted Perfume in Da Mill's office, scratching her face. She then menaced Da Mill and Perfume with a gun.

Da Mill was shot while protecting Perfume. Tanya fled and threw the gun out a window, leaving a visible outline of it in the snow. When Dick Tracy and the police arrived, Perfume was briefly suspected of having shot Da Mill.

Shortly thereafter, the police received calls about Tanya, who had become suicidal and was barricaded in her room at a cheap hotel. Herby, her drug supplier, arrived at the hotel before the police and was able to calm Tanya. When Tracy arrived, he recognized Herby and placed him under arrest after a short struggle. Tanya then surrendered herself to Tracy.