Dangerous errors[edit source]

For a realestic comic strip this story contains three errors of which the first two that would probably be fatal to anyone in real life-and the third not helpful at all:

1) The Brow hidding in ice cold water--the body can go into shock and shut down due to hyperthermia!

2) The Brow trying to breath through a garden hose underwater-a medical fact that anyone trying to breath underwater from a tube over 12 inches long results in the exhaled breath not being exhaled but coming back to the lungs! {That's why diving snorkels are only about a foot in lenght}

3) The Brow wounds being treated with cobwebs and snoot-in fact cobwebs and soot are not recommended for first aid! See first_aid_myths_mistakes

Connunity Errors[edit source]

Besides Himself, Brow had agent 26, two hired gunmen and accomplice Doc--total five. Yet in a scene showing Brow at his shortwave Radio, it shows a second radio setup and two addiontal accomplices in the background--who are never seen again! The story implies that despite his lack of ears Brown can converse as an ordinary person can-yet it is a medical fact that persons with such a disabilty can only hear when their mouths are open!

LASt view of the Brow[edit source]

The last view of the Brow in the story shows the Brows body lying at the foot of the flagpole behind wood pannels giving the names of community members in the US Armed Services!

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