Killed or just critally injured[edit source]

  • In a connunity error when Herman and Breathless are arguing over the money, they are facing one another, yet after he was stabbed in the back- Gould sonehow skipping ahead with the storyline so that Herman is foolish enough to turn his back on a armed person who ends up stabbing him; it would have been more realistic to have him being stabbed in the front!

Likewise there is a ambigunay as to weather he survived or not-when he is first discovered by Tracy he is lying face down, yet in the next scene when Patton discoveres the Maids cap left by Breathless, Herman is shown lying face up beside his kitchen cabinet!

I guess its one of those little mysteries well never Know..!

PS another connunity error is that Breatrhless being shot through her upper arm, would have at least suffered a broken bone and or torn muscles-yet somehow she manages to bring down a overhanging tree limb to tye her money bag to it in which she had to use both arms!

It is explicitly stated in the strip that Herman died from Breathless' assault.

Dmitrioi (talk) 18:25, November 28, 2015 (UTC)

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