Disapointed[edit source]

I was a disapointed in this film-instead of a having one or two Guest villians vs Tracy-they had nearly a dozen against Tracy-not including the five shot in the begining! {gangsters killed in a garage-an oblique reference to the St Valentimes Day Massacre of Febraury 14, 1929 in which five gangsters + two assocaties were killed in a garage}. It was a case of too many gangsters spoling the story....similar to a World War II "Life Magazine" story on Chester Gould-in which Gould drew Dick Tracy  surrounded by The Blank; The Brow; B.B. Eyes; 88 Keyes; the Mole; Little Face Finny; Jerome Trohs and Mama;  Prunface and Mrs Pruneface and of course Flattop Jones;

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