Fantasy aspect of Dick Tracy

Although supposedly a "realistic"  comic strip Dick Tracy indulges in fantasy that would not really happen in real life:

Ribbs Mocco survives after being shot in the stomach with a couple .45 bullets!

Tracy being hit by a suitcase full of bricks--not just a concussion but probaly would have killed him in real life!

Tracy survives after being blown up and nearly drowned by the Blank-the concussion alone would probably be fatal-as well as being dragged underwater!

Tracy nearly being crushed by a 20 ton boulder in a pit by Jacques-supposedly Gould wrote a alternative ending in which Tracy remarks that Gould has gone too far in his cliffhanger ending

Tracy survives after being shot through the side by Flattop Jones...infection and fatal parataitus would have set in at least!

The painfully naive story of the tratior Cal Bullet jr and his working for Boche Pruneface to develop poison gas--the Germans had alreadt devealoped poison gas and used it as well-against soldiers in World War I and against Civilians in World War II...

B,B,Eyes last seen at the bottom of the bay {dead} and then reappearing alive years later-which just goes to show whoever draws the cartoon strip can bring back "dead" characthers with the stroke of a pencil...{in fact BBY secape apparatus is of a typs that didnt exist at the time the strip was first drawn....and which didnt exist until after World War II...

One shot characthers

Gould had this habit of introducing "One Shot minor Characthers" just to help the story along...

  • A Taxi driver accidently killed after Ribbs Mocco tried to uncusseffuly ambush Dick Tracy
  • A farmer who is carjacked and slugged by a wrench by Stooge Viller and Steve the Tramp; likewise in the Viller and Tramp escape they trapped a farmer wife under an anvil-unknown if either characther is rescuded and or survives-but after all not only is the story fictionous  but they are just minor charachters just to help the story along!

Officer Mulligan..killed off a few times..yet broght back.... Officer Murphy in the Flattop Sr comic-its vague weather he is shot through the head or just badly grazed along the top of his head..never fear he appaears as the ordinasy beat cop as late as the Haf and Haf comic strip in the 1960's...

One explantaion is that Gould didnt have an outline but instead drew it day by day..that explains why Duke the Dip had a automatic pistol in one scene,,,and how his gun was turned into a revolver in the next!

Note to adove -Flattop's wound of Tracy would have caused Peritonitis!

Far from being original, the Minutes  Mysteries were adaptations of those of Harold Austin Ripley , master of the mystery puzzle, but with other characters replaceing Professor Fordney.Glammazon (talk) 17:57, February 21, 2019 (UTC)

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