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Tabby Angus was a financier and racehorse owner with connections to the criminal organization known as The Black Hearts. He had thick orange hair and eyes that gave him a feline appearance.

Tabby Angus was secretly funding Kolossal Pictures' film and animation projects in exchange for cash payouts. When the studio head Mr. Kolossal fell behind of payments, Angus threatened him. Kolossal then rigged a horse race using Angus' horse. Angus disapproved of this and allowed Kolossal to be trampled to death by the horse.

Angus' role in the death of Kolossal was discovered and he fled on horseback in an effort to avoid being seen on roads. He came across the rural radio station where Montana Joe was broadcasting with The Sounds O' Plenty. Angus' presence was announced over the radio and was heard by Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem, who quickly arrived at the radio station.

Angus, who was armed, climbed onto the broadcast tower. He planned to shoot the police officers from a high vantage point, then escape. He was shot and killed by Montana Joe.