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The man known as "Sweet Tooth" was a member of Nutsy's gang. He was a heavyset man with light hair. Despite his criminal activities, Sweet Tooth had a good-natured, avuncular demeanor.

Sweet Tooth accompanied Nutsy and the other members of his gang on several unsuccessful robbery attempts. He was eventually arrested and sentenced to prison.

After Nutsy escaped from prison, Sweet Tooth and the rest of Nutsy's gang were released for "good behavior". They promptly reunited with Nutsy and decided to steal a TV broadcasting van. The van was affiliated with the show America's Most Wanted, and the police were notified by the crew. Sweet Tooth and the other gang members were arrested, but Nutsy was able to escape and flee the city.


  • It was implied that Sweet Tooth's release from prison was part of a plan by law enforcement to have Sweet Tooth lead them to the fugitive Nutsy, rather than a genuine reward for good behavior.