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Svengoolie was a late-night TV horror host. He was friendly with Dick Tracy.

Svengoolie was hired to judge the cosplay contest organized by Big Margie and her relatives. He was unaware of their plan to steal from the event.


  • In real life, Svengoolie is a character created by Jerry G. Bishop (1936-2013) for local television in Chicago. Svengoolie is now played by Rich Koz and the show is nationally syndicated.
  • Svengoolie first appeared in the Dick Tracy comic strip during a time when regular artist Joe Staton had taken a leave of absence. His "creation" is therefore credited to Shelley Pleger, who was the replacement penciler at the time.
  • Other than the inspiration of their names, there is no apparent connection between Svengoolie and Sven Galli.