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Sven Galli was a film director. He was also the husband and manager of the actress B.U. Tiffil. He had thick blond hair, light eyes, and a moustache.

When B.U. agreed to appear in stage play at Vitamin Flintheart's new dinner theater, Galli objected. He had wanted her to appear in his new film instead. When B.U. was shot at during the play's opening night, Galli agreed to Dick Tracy's plan of having her stay at Sunny Dell Acres, though Galli preferred to stay in a hotel.

Galli was considered suspect in the attack on Tiffil's life, but it was soon discovered that her agent Pushy Pointer was responsible. Galli and Tiffil reconciled, but B.U. Tiffil insisted that their relationship dynamic must change.


  • The name Sven Galli is derived from the name of the fictional character Svengali from the 1895 novel Trilby by George Du Maurier. In the novel, Svengali is a manipulative figure who seduces a young woman named Trilby. He bends her to his will while making her into a famous singer for his own benefit. The term "Svengali" has since entered the vernacular as someone who controls and manipulates another person (often a performer) with malicious intent.
  • Other than the inspiration of their names, there is no apparent connection between Sven Galli and Svengoolie.