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Sunny Wheat is a brand of breakfast cereal. It's business headquarters are based in Dick Tracy's city.

The Moon and Posie Ermine[]

In 1968, the Sunny Wheat company sponsored a Moon Maid look-alike contest, with the prize being a free trip to the Moon for the winner and her family. When the contest was won by Sparkle Plenty, the organizers of the contest balked at the prospect of sending Sparkle's eccentric family on the trip. Dick Tracy and his friends convinced the Sunny Wheat company that a successful ad campaign could be mounted around the Plentys' trip to the Moon, and they were proved correct.

It was soon revealed that the criminal Posie had bribed the executives in charge of the contest with $5,000 to name his daughter Glenna as the winner. When the executives reneged, Glenna led Posie to men's offices, where Posie murdered them in revenge. This led to Dick Tracy's investigation of Posie's bootleg perfume ring.

Later Activities[]

In 2012, Sunny Wheat sponsored another look-alike contest, this time for the actor Vitamin Flintheart. The contest was won by the elderly Walt Wallet, who was awarded a free trip to meet Flintheart and attend a screening of all his films. Tracy noted that Wallet did not much resemble Flintheart, calling in to question the validity of the contest.

Sunny Wheat was also the sponsor of a Saturday morning radio show hosted by Montana Joe that featured country and western music. When the program's rating began to slip, Sunny Wheat threatened to cancel their sponsorship unless Joe acted to increase his listening audience.