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Sugar (possibly an alias, real name or surname unrevealed) was an attractive young woman and accomplice of the criminal known as Duke. She had dark hair and light eyes.

The "Knock Down" Plot[]

Sugar aided Duke in his hold-up scheme where she would walk along the street dressed in the outfit of a woman giving out free samples of chewing gum. Duke would flee the scene of a robbery and “knock down” Sugar in the process. This would actually be where Duke handed off the stolen money/gun to Sugar, so when he was caught there would be no evidence against him.

The pair pulled this scheme at least twice in the close vicinity of Steve the Tramp's fruit stand, and Dick Tracy found it odd that a “chewing gum girl” should be on the scene at more than one robbery. Junior Tracy, who was selling soda pop out of Steve's fruit stand, recognized Sugar and followed her on a streetcar. Learning where she lived, Junior obtained some evidence from a napkin she discarded, and he and Tracy went to her home to investigate.

Duke was hiding out in Sugar's apartment. When Tracy and Junior arrived, he pulled a gun on them. Duke and Sugar tied Tracy to an upside-down table in her kitchen, and left him there with a bowl of burning sulfur which they expected would kill him. Tracy was able to escape the death-trap in which Sugar and Duke had placed him, but was briefly incapacitated.

The Armored Car[]


Sugar and Duke used Junior in their next robbery. Duke knew of an armored car that would be passing at a certain time that day. Driving in front of it, he threw Junior from his own moving car. When the drivers of the armored car stopped to check on Junior, Duke pulled his gun on them while Sugar grabbed as much cash she could. The pair then sped off in Duke's car.

By coincidence, their escape route crossed the path of a vegetable truck that Steve the Tramp was driving. The two cars swerved to avoid each other and both crashed. Sugar became trapped inside the burning car and was killed (November 11th, 1941). Duke escaped and tried to frame Steve for the robbery. He later met his fate at the hands of the Mole.