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"Stud" Bronzen (full name unrevealed) had been a member of the Redrum Slot Machine Gang, which had operated in 1926. He was a large, mostly bald man with a bulbous nose.

Stud was usually depicted with a bulge on his right cheek, indicating that he chewed tobacco. It also could have been some kind of growth on his face.

Target of Revenge by the Blank[]

By 1937, Bronzen was posing as a salvage boat operator but was really involved in smuggling kidnapped Chinese immigrants. Dick Tracy approached Bronzen to warn him that The Blank was murdering his former gang members and that Bronzen was the last survivor. When Tracy discovered Bronzen's criminal activities, he attempted to put the captain under arrest.

Before Bronzen could be taken into custody, The Blank blew up Bronzen's boat, captured Tracy and Bronzen and tried to kill them in another boat's compressed air chamber. The Blank was knocked unconscious by Pat Patton, who then rescued Tracy and Bronzen.

Human Trafficker[]


Stud escaped, but his remaining boat was seized by the authorities. Desperate, he approached Lee Ting, a go-between for Stud and the crime syndicate that organized the immigrant smuggling operation. In exchange for a bribe, Lee Ting arranged for Stud to be placed in charge of a new, faster boat, and Stud resumed his human trafficking operation. The crew of the new boat also included the Sadiss brothers, Whipp and Pigface. Having learned of Bronzen's activities, Dick Tracy was now determined to bring him to justice. A stakeout was planned with the aid of the Coast Guard. Bronzen was ultimately killed in a gun battle with Dick Tracy.