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The man called "Stubby" Chinz was a member of the Brain's gang. He was a heavyset man with dark hair on the sides of his head. He typically wore a polka-dotted shirt and smoked cigars.

Stubby Chinz was an active participant in all of the Brain's criminal activities. These included the abduction and murder of Crystal the Seer, the theft of Vera Alldid's custom-made sports car, the attempt to kill Onyx Fencer, and the murder of Danny the Dip.

The Brain and his gang went into hiding in a secluded garage when they learned that Dick Tracy and the police were closing in on them. The police surrounded the garage hideout, and Stubby drove their car (with the gang inside) through the garage doors in an attempt to disorient the police and escape. A chase ensued, and Stubby drove the car into a train tunnel. The car was struck by a freight train and all of the car's occupants were killed.