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The Strong brothers, Vince and Marty, were operatives of the Apparatus who were loyal to Big Boy. They tended to the aging mobster at his home after Big Boy was released from prison. The Strong brothers both had dark hair.

The Strong brothers were know to the Organized Crime Unit in Dick Tracy's city as lower-level lieutenants in the criminal organization.

When Big Boy was on his death bed, he issued a One Million Dollar Open Contract on Dick Tracy. The Strong brothers communicated this to members of the criminal underworld.

The brothers were present when Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem arrived at Big Boy's home with an arrest warrant. It was implied that they would face accessory charges to Big Boy's conspiracy to commit murder.


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    The brothers were identified by the names Marty and Vince, but it was not clearly established which brother was which. It was implied that Marty was the one who wore glasses and had a moustache.
  • It was suggested that the Apparatus Connection was related to the Strong family, but this was not confirmed.
  • The media mogul Franklin Strong was known to have "unethical" business connections, which may indicate that he was also a member of the extended Strong family, but this has not been confirmed.