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The criminal known as "Strip" Gear (real name unrevealed) was a former burlesque dancer who turned to a life of crime. She was an attractive woman with shoulder-length light-colored hair and a curvaceous figure.

Gear and her accomplice hijacked an armored car and hid it in a trailer. They then attempted to escape disguised as a newlywed couple.

The added weight of the trailer and the stolen car/material inside proved to be too taxing for Gear's poorly-maintained vehicle, and she lost speed while attempting to drive up a steep grade. This enabled Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem to apprehend her and her accomplice.

Strip Gear Ford Autolite Ad 1966


  • "Strip" Gear appeared in a print ad that Chester Gould produced for Ford Autolite auto parts in 1966. She has not appeared in the actual Dick Tracy comic strip.
  • "Strip" Gear's facial features were similar to those of Thistle Dew.