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"Stoolie" was a trained raven who lived in the aviary at the zoo in Dick Tracy's city. He enjoyed smoking cigarettes.

Stoolie was able to speak, and was used to convey messages between Jimmy-the-Juice and the fugitive Punky Dew. Stoolie's unusual ability was discovered by Dick Tracy and the police, who used it to set a trap from the criminals. They also used Stoolie to play pranks on some local government officials.

After Jimmy and Punky were killed, Stoolie continued to live at the zoo.


  • "Stoolie" is a shortened form of the colloquialism "Stool Pigeon", a term for someone who informs the police of criminal activity. It usually implies betrayal, or informing on others to secure a more lenient punishment.
  • There was no indication that Stoolie joined the Police Department Menagerie, the first member of which (Li'l Dropout) debuted later the same year.