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The male dog named Stony was the seeing-eye dog for the blind girl called Tinky. Stony was of indeterminate breed, with short wiry hair.

Tinky had received Stony as a gift from a school for the blind. He and Tinky lived a poor but happy life at the home of Tinky's guardian Mrs. Moneynot.

Befriending Dick Tracy[]

When Dick Tracy was temporarily blinded during an assassination attempt orchestrated by the Apparatus, the detective befriended a young blind girl named Tinky. Tinky and her dog Stony helped Tracy adapt to his condition, helping guide him through the city. 


When Tracy informed Tinky that he would attempt to get her an operation that would restore her eyesight, Tinky resisted, fearing that it would mean she and Stony would be separated. She soon reconsidered, but the consultation indicated that her vision could not be restored. Tinky accepted this bad news and returned to her life with Stony.

When Tinky was injured during another attempt on Dick Tracy's life, Stony refused to leave her bedside. The loyal dog reportedly found a way of opening doors at the hospital to get into Tinky's room.

Groovy and Diamonds[]


Tiny was eventually reunited with her biological father, Groovy Grove. This made her a target of the criminal known as Diamonds. Diamonds arranged to have his associates poison Stony so that the dog could not interfere with their attempt to abduct Tinky. The plan was successful, and Stony ingested the poisoned meat that he was offered. The kidnappers, assuming Stony was dead, left the dog in alley. Tinky was kidnapped, but was rescued by her father.

Stony survived the poisoning, but he lost his eyesight. He lived on the street until his sense of smell was able to lead him back to Tinky's home. Weak and emaciated, Stony was reunited with Tinky just after she had received an operation that was able to restore her sight. The girl remained determined to take care of her faithful dog.