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Sterling Eliot worked as a technician at Diet Smith Industries. He was a slender man with dark hair and a tan complexion. He wore a long moustache and often smoked cigarettes.

Eliot was secretly in the employ of Ace of Spades II and the Apparatus. He used his access to Diet Smith's Time Drone to help the criminal organization locate long-lost treasures. During one session, Eliot attempted to use the drone for his own means (learning the numbers for an upcoming lottery drawing), but he lost control of the device. It exploded, and Sterling Eliot was killed in the blast.

In the days following the explosion, Eliot's remains continued to be discovered. These remains showed little signs of having been at the epicenter of an explosion, which confounded the medical examiner.


  • The name "Sterling Eliot" was apparently inspired by that of a real-life inventor named "Sterling Elliott" who lived in the early 20th century and secured 125 patents during his career.