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The Stereo Brothers, A.M. & F.M., were a pair of identical twins in the employ of Flipside. They were responsible for the death of Jake Staxx, using the "Black Sound" device. They had light hair, small eyes, and typically wore bowties.

Working for Flipside[]

The twins were then sent to enlist the popular radio personalities Themesong and Garry Doll in Flipside's payola scheme. The Stereo Brothers offered Themesong and Doll money, cars and drugs if they would play certain records. Themesong and Doll refused, and Doll threatened the brothers.

The brothers returned that night while Doll was in the recording studio alone. Using the Black Sound device, they induced a fatal heart attack in Doll. Themesong and Dick Tracy suspected foul play, and Junior Tracy helped Themesong a develop a police sketch of the brothers.

The Stereo Brothers conferred with Flipside, but they were interrupted by the arrival of Tracy. The brothers hid in a closet until the detective left. Flipside then told them to leave town.

Plotting to Kill Themesong[]

Rather than flee, the brother determined that if they killed Themesong (the only living person who could identify them in connection with Doll's death), they would be safe. The met Flipside at his recording studio where Sparkle Plenty was recording vocals for a new album. Sparkle and the engineer, A.R. Mann, overheard the Brothers plotting with Flipside and recorded their conversation.

That night, the Stereo Brothers then ambushed


Themesong in her car. The brother inserted earplugs into their own ears, then activated the Black Sound device. Themesong was rescued by Sam Catchem and Lizz, who had been alerted to the brothers' plan by Sparkle. The brothers fled into the street.

Due to their earplugs, the Stereo Brothers did not hear an approaching truck, and they were run over (8/30/1987). Flipside was later killed while trying escape police custody.