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Stephanie Queen was a successful author of horror/thriller books. She was a slender woman with dark wiry hair. She typically wore eyeglasses and a large hat, even indoors.

Stephanie Queen purchased the home that had previously been owned by the criminal B-B Eyes, and was later used by Eyes' wife Kitty and Itchy Oliver as a hideout where they attempted to starve Dick Tracy to death.

Hiring Dick Tracy[]

Upon moving into the house, Queen contacted a service to provide her with a butler, who identified himself as B.D. Smythe. Soon after, Queen began experiencing what she believed to be supernatural occurrences, all involving a specter that resembled the deceased Itchy.

Queen contacted Dick Tracy and his partner Johnny Adonis at their private detective agency. Rather than stopping the "haunting", she wanted the two men to prove that the ghost was real, believing that this would add to her cachet as a horror writer.


Tracy investigated the house and the mysterious Mr. Smythe. Tracy soon came to believe that the haunting was a hoax, and was able to set a trap for the conspirators. It was soon revealed that the "ghost" of Itchy was the product of several optical tricks arranged by Itchy's brother Twitchy, with the help of Smythe (who was actually B-B Eyes' brother B.D. Eyes). The two men had sought to scare Queen out of the house so they could search it for a stash of money that B-B Eyes had hidden there.

When the scheme was revealed, Twitchy attempted to make a deal with Queen to split the money with her (once they found it) if she agreed not to press charges. Queen revealed that she had found the money herself shortly after moving in and had donated it to charity.

Queen remained a successful author, and apparently continued to own the house for some time. In 2012, however, B-B Eyes briefly used the house as a hideout, and later revealed that the money Queen had found had been counterfeit.


  • Stephanie Queen's name and appearance were inspired by the popular author Stephen King.
  • One of Stephanie Queen's books was entitled Werewolf. It was read by Dr. Citpeks and inspired the dream in which he was killed by Wraith (using Dr. Morpheus' Nightmare Machine).