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The man known as Spy 26 (also known as Agent 26 or Ship Spotter 26) was a spy for the Brow in a waterfront boarding house. His real name was Noffel, a partial anagram of "felon". He had light, wavy hair, sunken cheeks, and typically wore a hat pulled down over his eyes.

Spy 26 had been convicted of spying for Germany during World War I, and had illegally entered the United States in 1938.

Spy 26 tried to get rid of the damaging evidence of his spy activites (his field glasses) but they had come into the possession of The Summer Sisters. This ultimately led Dick Tracy (who had recently been made a Lietuenant in Naval Intelligence) to discover the Brow's activities.


  • Unlike some other members of the Brow's gang, Spy 26 seemed to be a genuine believer in the German cause during WWII.
  • The fate of Spy 26 is unknown, but he would most likely face charges of espionage.

Spy 26 (center) with Dick Tracy and Naval Intelligence officers.