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"Spready" Spensive was a known criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He had light hair and a lined face. Some time before, Spensive had been overweight which caused him to be given the nickname "Spready".

Spready Spensive and his accomplice "Duke" Keene worked for crime kingpin Etah. They agreed to take the blame for a crime that Etah had committed in exchange for a significant cash payment when they were released from prison. This payment was hidden on Etah's estate, and clues to its location were implanted under Spensive and Keene's skin, with the intention that neither one of them would be able to find the money without the other.

After his release from prison, Spready appeared in a police line-up for a murder committed during a gas station robbery. Despite evidence to his involvement, the witness was afraid to identify him and Spready was released. Before Spready left police headquarters, Tracy discovered evidence that something metallic was hidden inside him.

Shortly thereafter, Duke Keene was released from prison. Spready and Duke went to the surgeon Keip Choppin and had the clues hidden in their bodies removed. They then killed Choppin. The two men then went to the dilapidated estate of the now-deceased Etah to find the treasure.

Spensive's attorney Mona was now cooperating with the police and helped them determine Spensive and Keene's whereabouts. Dick Tracy, Sam Catchem and Lizz confronted Spensive and Keene shortly after the two criminals had discovered the cash. A brief shootout ensued in which Spensive and Keene were shot. Both men survived and were taken into custody.

The case of "Spready" Spensive led to Tracy's re-encountering Mary Steele, who had been long-absent from Tracy's life. Mary had been living on Etah's estate.


  • The plot device of the incomplete treasure map that can only be completed by cooperating parties had previously appeared during the case of Pantsy and the second storyline involving Mumbles.