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The man known as Spots was a criminal who had a floating array of dark spots in the front of his face where his eyes should be. He had short dark hair and a slender build.

The Introduction of Spots[]


Spots worked with the poetry-spouting Ogden in a scheme to produce phony plaques. Spots became more ambitious and attempted to secure large sums of money through murder and blackmail. He hired a tattoo artist to forge a pineapple tattoo on his wife's ankle, to make her appear to be the relative of a little Hawaiian girl that had been orphaned in a tidal wave. When his wife foiled the scheme by enabling the little girl to escape, Spots shot her dead on the street.

A Strange Turn[]

Spots and Ogden briefly sought refuge in a decommissioned army tank that sat in a public park. Unfortunately, they found themselves on the verge of being discovered with two boys finding Spots' pistol that he accidentally dropped outside the tank and delivering it to the police with its forensic value properly preserved. Furthermore, Tracy discovered by comparing photographs taken around the tank that its periscope was being used from inside, leading to the obvious conclusions that someone is inside it and it must be searched.

Before the pair could escape, Fresh Upp and her mother Burpie Upp arrived at the tank, unaware they were being observed. Burpie forced Fresh to abandon her baby at the tank, where Spots and Ogden discovered it. They then traced the baby's origins back to his wealthy family and attempted to blackmail them, threatening to publicize the child's odd appearance.


Dick Tracy surprised Spots and Ogden as they left with the first blackmail payment. Spots was killed in a street shootout with Tracy, the spots on his face dissipating upon his death (November 26th, 1960). Ogden was arrested.


  • Spots' wife addressed him as "Spots", raising the question of whether this was an alias or possibly his real name.
  • Spots was never drawn facing front, only in profile or three-quarters profile. The nature of his deformity is not entirely clear.