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Spike Machine

First Appearance:

June 27th, 1944

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy
The Dick Tracy Casebook
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 9

The Spike Machine was a torture device used by The Brow.

The machine had an open chamber with two spiked panels on either side. A victim's leg would be placed into the chamber, and a time would be set that would cause the two panels to slowly close in on each other. If the device was not turned off, the spikes would then penetrate the victim's leg, causing extreme pain and potential blood loss and other injury.

The Brow used the Spike Machine on the Summer Sisters to ensure their cooperation. One sister would be placed in the machine while the other ran errands that The Brow would assign them.

When June Summer rebelled and killed some of The Brow's associates, she freed May from the Spike Machine and placed the unconscious Brow with his head and shoulder in it. They then left, intending that The Brow should be killed by his own machine.

The Brow revived and was able to pull himself out of the machine and escape, though he experienced significant pain and blood loss in the process. The fate of the Spike Machine is unknown.