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The man known as Spike (real name unrevealed) was an associate of the criminal Broadway Bates. He typically wore a black fedora.

Spike conspired with Bates, Belle, and Oscar to trick the Dutch immigrant Heinie into a false investment scheme using money from Mrs. Trueheart's delicatessen. When the scheme was stopped by Dick Tracy, Spike and his associates kidnapped the detective and held him for ransom.

When Tracy was freed and struggled with Bates, Belle attempted to shoot the detective, but her bullets hit Spike instead, killing him.


  • A man called "Spike" was said to be a member of Big Boy's criminal organization. He was involved in the drive-by shooting in which Ribs Mocco was seriously injured, but he was not clearly shown and his identity cannot be confirmed. It is unclear if this is the same man who later worked with Broadway Bates.