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The man called "Spike" was a friend and accomplice of Ribs Mocco. He had beady eyes, a wide mouth, and typically wore a cloth cap.

When "Joe Smith" (Dick Tracy in disguise) took up residence in the rooming house operated by Ribs' mother, Spike and Ribs recruited him into one of their criminal schemes. They planned to use Joe in a payroll robbery, then cheat him out of his share of the takings.

Tracy informed the police of Spike and Ribs' plot and the criminals were thwarted. They were arrested and held in the same cell. Unlike Mocco, Spike was not bailed out by Big Boy.

Spike was involved in the drive-by shooting in which Ribs Mocco was seriously injured. His fate is unknown.


  • While Spike was never shown interacting with Big Boy, it was explicitly stated that he - like Ribs - was a member of Big Boy's gang.
  • Broadway Bates had a gang member named Spike who was accidentally shot and killed by Belle. It is not known if there was any connection between the two Spikes.
  • There is no apparent connection between Spike and other characters that have appeared in the strip with that nickname, including Spike Dew or the musician named Spike or his son.