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Xavier Ramon Esperar was a small-time criminal known as "Specs" (or sometimes "X-Ray Specs"). He had wavy dark hair and a tattoo of two dice on his right forearm. Specs suffered from terrible headaches.

Specs worked closely with his girlfriend Spicy Condiment.

The Experimental Glasses[]

Shortly after Christmas in 2015, Specs agreed to participate in an experimental study at Diet Smith Industries that would attempt to alleviate his severe headaches with the use of special eyeglasses. Specs inadvertently found himself in possession of a set of prototype eyeglasses that granted the wearer a degree of X-Ray vision (that is, the ability to see through solid objects). he smuggled the glasses out of the treatment center and related his good fortune to Spicy.

Specs and Spicy soon discovered that the glasses had been smuggled out of Diet Smith's research and development department by an agent of the Apparatus, who hid them among the headache-treating glasses to avoid detection. Specs was tracked down by the Apparatus, who forced him to use the glasses for their criminal endeavors. Specs and Spicy were held at Apparatus headquarters as unwilling guests in between Specs' missions.

Fleeing to Cuba[]

Specs grew weary of his low-level position in the Apparatus, and he and Spicy began to suspect that they would disposed of once the Apparatus was able to duplicate Specs' glasses. They smuggled themselves out of Apparatus headquarters by hiding in garbage, then made their way to Cuba with the help of John Locher Springstein.

Once in Cuba, Specs and Spicy made contact with the criminal underworld there. Specs found himself working for vicious criminal overlords once again. Unbeknownst to Specs and Spicy, they were followed to Cuba by Dick Tracy and Inspector Ivanova, who teamed with Inspector Wunbrow of the Cuban police to track down the fugitives.

After a brief misadventure, Specs and Spicy were captured by police and returned to America. The X-Ray glasses were returned to Diet Smith Industries. It is unclear if Specs received any subsequent treatment for his headaches.


  • Specs and Spicy were both fluent in Spanish.
  • The word "esperar" (Specs' last name) means "to wait" in Spanish.
  • Specs bore some resemblance to the comic book superhero Plastic Man.
  • There is no apparent connection between Specs and Spec or Specs Jones.