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The mute girl known as “Spec” was the daughter of Flossie. She was the step-daughter of “Jumper” Bondy, and later the step-daughter (technically) of Ivy. She eventually became a ward of the policewoman Lizz and her husband Jimmy.

Spec had long blond hair and typically wore dark glasses, though she was not blind.

Framed for Murder[]

Dick Tracy met Spec when he arrived on the scene of the murder of “Jumper” Bondy. He found Spec there, holding an automatic pistol. The girl was shocked, and seemed to be crying out, but no sound emerged. Tracy determined that she was voiceless, and the child was taken into custody until her parents could be located.

Consulting the building’s landlady, Tracy learned that Spec’s mother was an attractive blonde who had married Bondy, but had recently disappeared. Tracy found it difficult to believe that Spec was the one who shot her step-father, and used ballistics to determine the path of the bullet. Since she was unable to speak, Spec could not explain what had happened.

Eventually, through the use of some rudimentary sign language, Lizz was able to help Spec explain that a man had crouched behind her and held the gun pointed at where he knew Bondy would enter. She signed the letters “I. V.”, but no one realized that she meant the name “Ivy”.

New Family[]

Spec became the ward of Lizz and her husband Jimmy, a newspaper reporter. Jimmy knew some sign language and was able to communicate with the girl. The sensational nature of Spec’s story appealed to Jimmy’s reporter instincts, and she was featured in several newspaper articles.

These articles were eventually seen by Flossie, who was on a honeymoon with Ivy. She began to regret what she had done, and attempted to kill Ivy. Believing him dead, she returned to the city and Spec, making a statement to the police that Ivy had coerced her.

Ivy survived Flossie’s attempt on his life and tracked her down. Finding the police station where Flossie and Spec were in protective custody, Ivy created a distraction to lure the on-duty officers outside. He sneaked in and shot Flossie as Spec looked on. Ivy then fled, but was later captured. Flossie died almost immediately from the bullet wound.

In spite of the many tragedies that she had witnessed, Spec managed to enjoy some happiness. She was embraced by Dick Tracy and his extended family, being the guest of honor at that year’s Christmas party.


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    Spec's fate is unknown. It was implied that she was to become the ward of Jimmy and Lizz, though this relationship was not explored much further, and she has not been a presence in Lizz's subsequent life (see also Tinky).
  • The sensational image of Spec holding a smoking pistol was used in print ads to encourage readership of the strip.
  • There is no apparent connection between Spec and Specs or Specs Jones.