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Soapy Lava had been a successful figure in Dick Tracy's city. He was an associate of Mr. Bribery.

At some point, Lava offended Bribery and Bribery had Lava killed. Lava's head was then shrunk by the Ecuadoran native Nah Tay, and Bribery displayed the head in his office.


  • There was no established connection between Soapy Lava and Judge Lava, who had been referred to during the original Mr. Crime case. Judge Lava had disappeared, but his remains (including his head) were found in the Muerte vine.
  • Lava is a brand of commercially-available heavy-duty hand soap introduced in 1893.
  • "Soapy" is a term sometimes applied to a criminal who makes a strong effort to maintain a law-abiding public persona (that is, to look "clean").