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The two unnamed bank robbers who worked with the man called Snails were criminals in Dick Tracy's city.

The three criminals concocted a plan wherein the two unnamed men would rob a bank, then escape while the slow-moving Snails (posing as an uninvolved bystander) would block the guard from pursuing. This scheme worked, and the two unnamed robbers returned to their hideout. Snails joined them later.

The two men had schemed to cut Snails out of the arrangement and keep his share for themselves. After a brief ruse, Snails confronted them with a gun. The robbers attempted to flee out the back of their hideout, which was located on an upper floor of a tall building. The wooden balcony collapsed under their weight and they were killed in the fall.

Snails then assembled a new gang and embarked on a new scheme.


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    Though not explicitly stated, it was implied that Snails had planned to kill his two associates for some time before they betrayed him.
  • The two men were depicted inconsistently throughout their brief appearance in the strip.
  • One of the two unnamed robbers addresses Snails from off-panel in the strip from September 14, 2001.