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The man known as Smokes was a criminal who operated a seemingly legitimate business as a land developer in Dick Tracy's city. He was a business associate of Pig E. Bank. Smokes was a slender man with a high forehead and light-colored hair.

Smokes was a heavy smoker of tobacco, often smoking multiple cigars/cigarettes/pipes at a time. He was resentful of recent city ordinances that banned smoking inside places of public accommodation, such as shopping malls.

Copycat Phantom[]

Upon learning of several minor acts of sabotage that had occurred at the local shopping mall, Smokes saw an opportunity to drive business to the new, larger mall that he had built. He arranged for his associates to engage in more dangerous sabotage at the old mall, believing that it would it would drive customers and businesses away.

Smokes' scheme was successful. A shopper was mangled by an escalator and lost a foot, and several people were killed in car crashes caused by Smokes' meddling with the parking garage. He also killed one of his associates who complained about his smoking, and a security guard at the old mall who had discovered him and his men.

Smokes had found Mr. Sweeney - who had been responsible for the initial minor sabotage - living in the old mall, and held him prisoner. When his plan was reaching fruition, Smokes decided to frame Sweeney for all of the sabotage. He taped guns to Sweeney's hands and pushed him out of a car in front of police headquarters, believing that Sweeney would shot and killed by police officers. Sweeney's life was saved by his son Lug, and he was able to tell the police everything that had happened to him.

Smokes then went to the grand opening of his new shopping mall. This new mall was located outside of the city limits and therefore was not subject to the city's anti-smoking ordinance. Smokes reveled in the freedom to smoke indoors, going so far as to have a smoke machine pump smoke into the building. The machine overloaded and caught fire. Smokes was apparently killed in the blaze, but his body was not shown.