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Smalley T. Smelt was an associate of Wallace I. Pike. He had light eyes and thin hair.

Smelt and Pike conspired to commit insurance fraud by setting fire to buildings that they owned. One janitor died in a blaze that they caused. Mrs. Barley - who was on friendly terms with Dick Tracy and the MCU - was nearly burned to death in the next fire planned by Smelt and Pike. This prompted the police to began a full-fledged investigation.

Pike began to consider Smelt to be a liability. Pike took Smelt on a drive in the country, then shot him to death. He then drove the car into a lagoon, and was satisfied that he had made the death appear to be suicide.

Tracy's investigation discovered incriminating documents in Smelt's pockets, as well as a glove of Pike's that he had left in the car. Pike was eventually captured alive and faced numerous charges.


  • Smelt shares his name with a type of fish, as does his associate Pike.