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Smallmouth Bass was the foster son of Dr. Orta. He has blond hair, light eyes, and a small, pinched mouth.

Smallmouth Bass was part of Orta's scheme to have another doctor named Olga steal people's hearts for transplant experiments. Smallmouth secured the victims whose hearts were removed. He also served as go-between, transporting the stolen organs and payments between Orta and Olga.

When Smallmouth found out that Orta had planned to include Smallmouth's heart as part of Olga's payment, Smallmouth helped Olga subdue Orta and steal his heart. Smallmouth and Olga went to their secluded barn hideout to destroy evidence, unaware that Dick Tracy had hidden in the trunk of their rented car. Tracy killed Smallmouth in a shootout, and Olga was later arrested.


  • Smallmouth bass are a type of game fish. Smallmouth bass are among the most popular game fish in North America.