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Slugs Magnum was a wanted killer. He was a large man with a bald head.

Slugs Magnum was obsessed with guns. His long criminal history earned him a place on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

Slugs became romantically involved with Rocksie, a woman who had dated other known criminals in the past. Slugs was jealous of Rocksie, and insisted that she stop visiting her former boyfriend Nutsy in jail.

Nutsy escaped from jail and rekindled his romance with Rocksie. They moved to a different city to escape Slugs' wrath. Slugs was able to track them down and he confronted Nutsy in an art gallery that Nutsy was attempting to rob. Slugs opened fire inside the art gallery. One of his bullets ricocheted off a metal sculpture and struck him, killing him.

Nutsy was apprehended, and Rocksie went into hiding.