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Sludge McGoo was a member of Snails' second gang. He was an especially heavyset man.

After committing a successful bank robbery and killing his accomplices, Snails began to recruit a new gang and embarked on a new scheme. Snails met Sludge McGoo at a restaurant and recruited him, and the two men rode in the back of Gramps' taxi while Snails formulated his plan.

Snails arranged for an armored car to crash, which he was then able to rob. He killed all of his accomplices (including Sludge McGoo) before fleeing on a motorcycle. A witness was able to identify Snails and he was soon arrested.


  • There was no established connection between Sludge McGoo and Runs McGoo, an associate of Sal Monella.
  • It is unclear if Sludge McGoo was a career criminal. It is likely that the name "Sludge" was an alias, but this was not confirmed. At one point, Sludge asked Snails if Snails' scheme was legal, but he did not seem to be especially concerned about breaking the law.
  • Unlike Snails' other accomplices, Sludge McGoo seems to have been entirely unnecessary to Snails' robbery scheme.