Dick Tracy Wiki

First Appearance:

June 11th, 1936

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 3

Mr. Slade was the night watchman at Charles Neir's warehouse. He had light hair and wore eyeglasses.

Neir's warehouse was targeted by the criminal former associates of Lips Manlis, whom Neir had hired as the daytime watchman as part of Dick Tracy's attempt to reform him. Shortly after Manlis (who was now known as "Bob Honor") was hired, an arsonist set the warehouse on fire.

Slade detected the fire and phoned Mr. Neir to inform him. Slade then attempted to extinguish the blaze and was badly burned in the process. He was taken to the the emergency room. It is not known how quickly he recovered or if he returned to his job at the warehouse.


  • Slade appeared in two daily strips which were set during the same day. In the first strip, he appears to have a dark moustache. It is not present in his second appearance.