Sketch Paree was an insane fashion designer who talked to his doll, Babee, as if it was a real person. He had dark hair and a mustache.

Revenge-Seeking Designer[edit | edit source]

Paree murdered the rival childrens' clothing designer Talcum Freely, a crime for which B.O. Plenty was briefly suspected. Paree had been a costume designer for the bandleader Spike Dyke but was fired because of his mental instability.

Sketch Paree had shot Freely, but he also drowned victims using a device of his own design called a "water mask", with which he nearly killed both Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem. After killing Eddie (the manager of the Clam Shell Club), Sketch tried to use his water mask to kill Spike Dyke, but was shot dead by Dick Tracy.

Appearances in Other Media[edit | edit source]

1960s Animated Series[edit | edit source]


Sketch Paree was a character in the 1960s "Dick Tracy" cartoon show. He was typically paired with the Mole. The two had little interaction with Tracy himself, and were more often foiled by Tracy's "funny" subordinates. In some of his appearances, Paree was depicted as having powerful hypnotic abilities, similar to Yogee Yamma in the comic strip.

Archie's TV Funnies[edit | edit source]


Sketch Paree appeared in a Dick Tracy segment in an episode of the 1971 animated series "Archie's TV Funnies". Sketch was shown to be a notorious smuggler who operated a collectible stamps store as a cover for his criminal activities. He also had access to a shrinking ray.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the Archies TV Funnies animated series from 1971, a villain called Professor Transo (who was the only person who could translate Mumbles unintelligible speech) also resembled Sketch Paree.
  • An argument can be made that Big Boy Caprice's appearance in the Dick Tracy feature film more closely resembled Sketch Paree than the Big Boy drawn by Chester Gould. Actor Al Pacino apparently had some input into the make-up and costume designs for Big Boy, so it is unknown if this was intentional or not (movie lore has it that Pacino wanted the make-up to be a subtle mockery of fellow actor Robert DeNiro).
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