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Shirl Locke Holmes joined Dick Tracy's police department claiming to be a detective with the rank of Lieutenant. She had dark hair and eyes.

Holmes began working with Tracy at a time when banks in the city were targeted by a robbery gang led by Baskerville. Unbeknownst to Tracy, Holmes was an associate of Baskerville and was relying information to him about bank security measures and police efforts. Tracy discovered Holmes' deception and arranged for her to be given inaccurate information about police activity, which she then conveyed to Baskerville.

Tracy attempted to prevent Holmes from being present at the Goodman Bank, where the police were planning to arrest Baskerville, but Holmes defied orders and arrived at the bank. She was attacked by Baskerville's trained dogs, but was saved when Tracy took Baskerville's dog whistle (which prevented the dogs from attacking the user) and gave it to Holmes. Baskerville was then mauled to death by his own dogs.

After Baskerville was killed, Holmes was revealed to be an escaped mental patient from London. She was taken into custody by Inspector James Moriarty and returned to England.


  • While Holmes worked with Dick Tracy in an official capacity, it was later determined that her credentials had been falsified. She was not a genuine police officer.
  • It is not clear how much of Shirl Locke Holmes' history is genuine. "Shirl Locke Holmes" was apparently her real name, but it was not established if she was genuinely the daughter of a police officer who wanted her to be a detective (or if her father was actually killed in the line of duty).
  • Holmes had direct contact with Baskerville, but it is unclear if she knew or associated with any other members of his gang.