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The second criminal to be known as "Shaky" (real name unrevealed) was the First Cousin Once-Removed of the original Shaky. Like his cousin, the second Shaky had light eyes and dark hair that he wore short and parted in the center. Shaky II also had a medical condition that caused him to shake constantly.

As a boy, Shaky II was a bully and cheater. As an adult, he became a criminal who specialized in scams and blackmail. He went to Dick Tracy's city to seek revenge for the death of the first Shaky.

Encountering Dick Tracy[]

Shaky attempted an extortion scheme against Tess Tracy in which he would make it appear as though she had falsified evidence in a case that the Tracy Agency had investigated. Tess informed Dick of Shaky's effort, and Tracy arranged to ambush Shaky when he came to collect a payment from Tess. Shots were exchanged and Shaky was wounded in the arm. He fled with the aid of his associate Edison Lighthouse.

Shaky and Edison sought refuge in a safe house that Shaky had arranged, unaware that he house was now the legal residence of Ugly Crystal and her father. Shaky and Edison entered the house and encountered Crystal, who treated them liked guests (though she disapproved of Shaky's smoking habit).

Shaky eventually became annoyed with Crystal, so he and Edison abandoned their initial hiding place. They went to the home of Shaky's cousin Quiver Trembly, whose past criminal activities had brought her into contact with Dick Tracy. Shaky discovered that Quiver was operating a fraudulent charity scheme and agreed to help her.

Shaky, Quiver, and Edison were collecting funds from local merchants as part of Quiver's confidence scheme when they were spotted in their car by police. They stopped near a construction site and Edison (as the least recognizable one of the group) was told to flee as police converged on the scene. Shaky attempted to escape on a girder that was being lifted high into the air by a crane. Dick Tracy arrived at the site, and Shaky shot at him.

Shaky became frightened as the girder began to sway at a great height, and he agreed to surrender if the girder was lowered safely to the ground. He and Quiver were taken into custody.

Alliance with "Breathless"[]

Shortly thereafter, Shaky's bail was paid by the actress Fortuna Dyer, who was preparing to play Breathless Mahoney in a film. Dyer (who insisted on being called "Breathless") arranged to have Shaky brought to her in the hopes that he could help her to better understand Breathless.

Shaky began to spend more time with Fortuna, which alienated Edison. When his arrangement with Fortuna proved not to be financially rewarding, Shaky planned a robbery to gain some funds. He stole a rare collectible belt buckle from the home of Ugly Crystal, then confronted Fortuna about their arrangement. Fortuna rebuffed him and he struck her.

The police were called to the set and Dick Tracy attempted to arrest Shaky. Shaky fled down an alley which proved to be a dead-end. He threw the belt buckle at Sam Catchem and engaged in a brief fistfight with Tracy. He was then arrested. Edison Lighthouse stated her intention to testify against him.


  • Shaky II referred to Shaky as his "uncle", though this was not accurate.
  • As a relative of Shaky, Shaky II was an in-law of Shaky's wives, including Elia Mahoney. Her family would therefore be distant in-laws of Shaky II.
  • Shaky II's birthday was apparently on February 9th.