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Seth Wheeler was the youngest son of Mrs. Wheeler. His older brothers were Willie and Keenan.

The Youngest Wheeler[]

Seth's brothers were protective of him and tried to shield him from harm and conflict. When Keenan challenged Willie because Willie had been skipping school, Seth intervened and convinced the brothers not to fight.

Later, when the Wheelers' apartment building was being raided by looters, Seth helped his family barricade themselves inside their apartment. Seth slept through the portion of the evening when Willie and Keenan discovered evidence of Torcher's arson plot, but he was awakened when the building caught on fire. Seth followed his mother and brothers to safety and escaped the fire unharmed. He then moved with his family into a new apartment.


Some time after that, Seth's mother married her late husband's brother, himself a widower. As the Wheelers' situation improved further, the family moved into a home near Junior Tracy and his family. Keenan and Seth befriended Honey Tracy (after some initial hesitation), and they became members of her new Crimestoppers Club.