The man known as "Selfy" Narcisse was a public relations professional. He was an egotistical man who was especially fond of social media. He had curly blond hair and often wore bowties.

Selfy was hired by Rep. Bellowthon to help her campaign. Selfy believed that stoking anti-Lunarian sentiment would help Bellowthon, and they engaged in a social media campaign to demonize the few known Lunarians living on Earth.

Bellowthon eventually turned on Selfy and he killed her. He fled, and was able to elude police after an extended car chase. He hid in the city zoo, where he was eventually found by Dick Tracy (who was acting on a tip). Selfy subdued Tracy in a buffalo pen and was about to kill him when they were charged by a large buffalo. Tracy escaped but Selfy was mauled to death.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A "selfie" is a colloquial term for a photograph that a person takes of themselves, usually with the intention of sharing on social media.
  • Selfy's surname "Narcisse" would seem to be inspired by the mythical character Narcissus, who became enamored of his own reflection in a pool of water. This character also inspired the English term "narcissism", meaning vain and excessively self-loving.
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