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Screwball was a criminal who lived in Dick Tracy's city. He was a gaunt man, with an uncommon hairstyle. The left side of his head was shaved, while the remainder of his hair was dyed green and worn swept down over the right side of his face.

Working for B-B Eyes[]

Screwball was first seen as an accomplice of B-B Eyes. Along with his brother Cueball, Screwball delivered bootleg videos and other merchandise for B-B Eyes. When Junior Tracy set up a storefront as a trap for the bootleggers, Screwball became suspicious. Cueball dismissed his brother's concerns.

The brothers later discovered that they had unintentionally abducted Honeymoon Tracy, who had hidden inside their truck. They left Honeymoon to suffocate inside the truck, which they left in a sealed garage with the engine running. Honeymoon's location was traced by Dick Tracy. Tracy and Sam Catchem rescued Honeymoon and arrested Cueball and Screwball. B-B Eyes was later captured as well.

Family Business[]

Cueball and Screwball were released on bail and recruited by B-B Eyes to join the new Mr. Crime's organization. They used a popular billiard hall/nightclub as a front for a drug smuggling operation. Cueball was the public face of the business, while Screwball operated in secret, preparing surreptitious narcotic shipments.

One night, the club was robbed by Putty Puss. Cueball engaged in a shootout with Putty Puss and was killed. Screwball later sought revenge against Putty Puss, with the aid of his associate Pokerface. Screwball confronted Putty Puss but both men were taken into police custody before any violence could occur.


  • In the film Dick Tracy vs Cueball, Cueball's real name is given as Harry Lake. It has not been established in the strip if this was Cueball's real name, and if Screwball's last name would therefore be Lake as well.
  • According to Mike Curtis, Cueball (in the strip) was meant to be at least partly African-American. It is unclear what this implies for Screwball's ethnic background.