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Scorpio was a criminal who had a large outline of a scorpion tattooed on his face. He was heavyset, had light wavy hair and typically wore a smoking jacket with images of skulls on it.

Scorpio was a strong believer in astrology. He organized a small criminal gang that used astrological signs as their aliases.

Scorpio held a personal astrologer hostage in his high-rise apartment. When the astrologer turned on Scorpio, Scorpio attempted to kill him by throwing him out a high window. The astrologer was rescued and Scorpio was arrested by Dick Tracy, who had been investigating his involvement in another murder.

Appearances in Other Media[]

IDW Comics[]

Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive[]

Scorpio was a character in the fourth issue of the comic book miniseries Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive published by IDW. In the comic, Scorpio was a nightclub manager in the employ of the mysterious Mr. Janus. He had an avuncular but sinister demeanor.