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Scarmony Corybant was a criminal who had been a cellmate of Mindy Ermine. Scarmony had dark hair (apparently with purple highlights) and several scars on her face. Her nose and left ear were misshapen in a way that indicated that they had been seriously injured at some point.

Scarmony kidnapped Mysta Chimera, believing that Mysta knew the location of a valuable set of construction plans for the Space Coupe. Scarmony took Mysta to a secluded location and menaced her with a blowtorch. Mysta was able to shock the blowtorch out of Scarmony's hand, prompting Scarmony to punch Mysta in the face.

Scarmony attempted to get Mysta to remember when they had been prison cellmates and friends, as well as the plans that they had made together. Mysta claimed to have no memory of Scarmony, and they fought. Scarmony seemed pleased at Mysta's displays of anger, saying that they were indicative that Mysta still had Mindy's wild temper.

The sound of Mysta and Scarmony fighting attracted attention, and Dick Tracy went to Scarmony's hideout with other police officers. Scarmony was distracted by the arrival of the police and Mysta shocked her into submission. Scarmony was returned to prison, though Mysta promised to keep in touch with her. Mysta also bought a pony farm, as had been Mindy and Scarmony's plan.


  • Scarmony was introduced during a Minit Mystery written and drawn by Charlie Wise.