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The criminal known as Sawtooth was a hired killer recruited by Mr. Bribery to kill Dick Tracy. He had brown hair streaked with grey that he wore swept back. He had jagged teeth, and a jutting jaw.

Sawtooth's first plan involved abducting Dick Tracy and tying him to a tree in the North Woods where he expected that Tracy would freeze to death. Tracy was rescued by Rifle Ruby.

Sawtooth remained in the employ of Mr. Bribery, who sent him to abduct Mysta Chimera. Sawtooth's attempt coincided with Mysta's meeting with the Moon Governor and Posie Ermine. Sawtooth abducted Mysta and the Governor, and Posie was shot and killed during the confrontation. Police then raided Bribery's headquarters, freeing Mysta and the Governor, but Sawtooth escaped capture.

Some time later, Bribery contracted Sawtooth to kill the scientist Ygor Glitch and to make a second attempt on Dick Tracy's life. Sawtooth took the assignment, traveling from the west coast with his associate Grimm. Sawtooth killed Glitch, then set an elaborate trap to abduct Dick Tracy from his home. He was stopped by Tracy and his wife, but was able to escape capture.

Sawtooth was then killed in a shootout with Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem in Hoagland Cemetery where Sawtooth was attempting to recover a hidden stash of money.


  • When Sawtooth abducted Mysta and the Moon Governor, he was shown to be working with at least one other accomplice, who may or may not have been armed. It was implied that Sawtooth shot Posie Ermine, but this cannot be confirmed.
  • Shortly after their attempt to abduct Dick Tracy, Sawtooth parted with his associate Grimm. It was implied that Sawtooth killed Grimm, but this was not confirmed.