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Royal Flush was the leader of a small gang in Dick Tracy's city. He was a large man with light eyes and spiky hair who typically wore a sweater. He had the habit of playing with gambling chips.

Royal Flush arranged for a series of jewelry store robberies that were intended to get Dick Tracy's attention by leaving cryptic notes for the detective. This was part of a scheme that Flush had entered into with the casino Mr. Facet to put Facet's rival casino out of business.

Facet announced a significant promotional event at his casino, which made Tracy convinced that Facet's casino was going to the site of the next robbery. Tracy assigned a significant police presence to guard it. With the police distracted, Royal Flush and his gang robbed the rival casino on the other side of town. As the gang was preparing to flee, they were confronted and robbed by the Queen of Diamonds.

Tracy realized the deception and called police to scene of the robbery. They arrived and arrested Royal Flush and his gang. Tracy later confronted the Queen of Diamonds at Facet's casino, and learned that she and Facet had been cohorts all along.


  • Early in the Royal Flush storyline, Flush's associate Spade addressed Flush as "Rex". It is not clear if this is Flush's real name.