"Roundy" Willis was a heavyset, bald-headed man who worked for Dr. Zy Ghote. He had difficulty understanding Mumbles during the cloning hoax that he and the doctor were perpetrating.

Character BiographyEdit

After Mumbles unsuccessfully attempted to kill Dr. Will Carver in a hit-and-run, Roundy observed him taking a hypodermic needle from Dr. Ghote's supplies. After an altercation, Mumbles tied up Roundy and Ghote and went to the hospital were Carver was recovering, intending to finish him off. Mumbles was arrested at the hospital, and Roundy and Ghote were soon found and released by Lizz. They were then taken into custody on charges of fraud, and possibly accessories to attempted murder.


  • RoundyRG
    Dr. Ghote has since been since working in association with Dr. Tim Sail and the "new" Moon Maid. Roundy is apparently no longer affiliated with Ghote or his activities.
  • There is no apparent connection between Roundy Willis and Whistle Willis, a member of Roach's gang of pickpockets.
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