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Rottur (full name unrevealed) was a part of a human trafficking ring and an accomplice of Stud Bronzen. He had thick dark hair, light eyes and a moustache.

Capture by the Coast Guard[]

Rottur's ship (The Capeton), with its cargo of smuggled immigrants, was caught off the coast of the island of Luba by US Coast Guard Patrol Boat 211. Evidence was found that Rottur was scheduled to meet Stud Bronzen and transfer the immigrants.

Rather than take the Capeton into port, Dick Tracy and Chief Shellbury (who were investigating Bronzen's activities) met up with it and planned to keep Rottur's scheduled meeting with Bronzen in order to catch him in the act of smuggling. Rottur remained on board his ship (handcuffed and in Coast Guard custody) and attempted to kick Tracy overboard. Tracy recovered and had Rottur's handcuffs removed so the two men could fight fairly. Tracy pummeled Rottur, who was then locked in a cabin on the ship.

Rottur escaped from his cabin and attempted to warn Stud of the danger via ship-to-ship radio telephone. Rottur inadvertently contacted his own ship's bridge, where Tracy and Shellbury learned of his escape. Rottur was quickly recaptured.


  • A later Rogues' Gallery feature indicated that Rottur had received a life sentence.