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The woman called "Rose" was the sister of "Daisy" Dugan. She was a tall woman with dark brown hair. She shared her brother's fondness for wearing flowers.

Daisy was seriously injured during his association with Yeti. He recovered, but his mobility was now limited. Rose helped Daisy in his revenge plot against Yeti, first by helping Daisy kill several of Yeti's clients, then by going with Daisy to confront Yeti.

As Rose held Yeti at gunpoint, she and her brother were surprised by the arrival of Yeti's other henchmen, and then by the police. Yeti shot at the group with his poison dart gun, and Rose shot back at him. Yeti escaped, but Rose and other combatants were arrested.


  • While Rose was stated to be Daisy Dugan's sister, it was not explicitly stated that they had the same last name.
  • The storyline in which Rose was introduced was credited to guest writer Mark Barnard. Mike Curtis was still credited as part of the strip's creative team.